Which pictures can be sold on Kolloki APP?

On Kolloki APP, you can basically sell all kinds of pictures except the ones that contain Instagram, Facebook or similar filters. You just need to make sure that you are not infringing third party rights.

How many images can a user upload?

It is up to each user that how many pictures he wants to uploads. The more pictures you upload, the easier it is for you to make money with Kolloki.

How much do I earn from my paintings?

You can set a price between 2 USD and 10 USD. For every picture on Kolloki, you can earn money. Kolloki gets a 25% commission per image.

What is a contest?

Business members can place a contest on Kolloki for a minimum amount of 50 USD. Our business members look for authentic images for their advertisements that can be found with the help of our contests. Everyone on Kolloki can participate and submit his pictures. The winners are announced after contest period.

What about the payout?

You can easily withdraw your credit via Stripel if you have reached our minimum amount of 15 USD.

Can I edit my Profile?

Yes, you can edit your profile as many times as you desire.

How often can I reset my password?

You can reset your password as often as you like. We also recommend to renew your password after some time.

Why is my account blocked?

If your account is blocked, there could be many reasons. In such cases, you should contact our customer service via email.

Will my data be passed on?

No, your data will not be passed on to the third parties. We keep your data strictly confidential.

Will my images be protected?

Your images are protected with a watermark and no one can copy them.

Can I share the images on social networks?

Yes. You can use the Share button to share the images on different social networks.

What are the tasks of Kolloki Team?

Kolloki wants to do a lot of advertising so that our members can sell their pictures. Kolloki team advertises the app on various social media platforms in order to make people aware of this great idea of earning money. In addition, we have a lot of internal stuff that we do so that Kolloki can run without any issues.